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The Mt. Diablo Unified School District Governing Board believes that grades/rubric scores serve a valuable instructional purpose by helping students and parents/guardians identify the students’ areas of strength and those areas needing improvement. Parents/guardians and students have the right to receive course grades/rubric scores that represent an accurate evaluation of the students’ achievement.

Teachers shall evaluate a student’s work in relation to curriculum standards or course content, which apply to all students at their grade level, not in relation to the work of other students in one particular class. The Superintendent or designee shall establish and regularly evaluate a uniform grading/scoring system, and principals shall ensure that student grades/rubric scores conform to this system. Teachers shall inform students and parents/guardians how student achievement will be evaluated in the classroom.

Grades/rubric scores should be based on impartial, consistent observation of the quality of the student’s work and his/her mastery of curriculum standards, or course content and objectives. Students shall have the opportunity to demonstrate this mastery through a variety of channels such as classroom participation, homework, tests and portfolios. The Board recognizes that portfolios may be especially useful in assessing how skills, knowledge and thought processes have been combined from a number of different subject areas.

When reporting student grades/rubric scores to parents/guardians, teachers may add narrative descriptions, observational notes and/or samples of classroom work in order to better describe student progress in specific skills and subcategories of achievement. Behavior, effort and attendance shall be reported in separate evaluations, not in the student’s academic grade/rubric scores.

Definition of Grades

  • Grades shall be reported each marking period as follows:
    • A (90-100%) Outstanding Achievement
      4.0 grade points
    • B (80-89%) Above Average Achievement
      3.0 grade points
    • C (70-79%) Average Achievement
      2.0 grade points
    • D (60-69%) Below Average Achievement
      1.0 grade points
    • F (0-59%) Little or No Achievement
      0 grade points
    • I (Incomplete)
      0 grade points
    • P (Pass)
      0 grade units (not factored in GPA and only used by exception–  see below)
  • Plus and minus signs are not part of the grading system and are not to be used.
  • An incomplete is given only when a student’s work is not finished because of illness or other excused absence. If not made up within six weeks, the incomplete will become an F.

Appealing a Grade

Education Code 49066 prohibits the changing of a student’s grade absent clerical or mechanical mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetency, unless the teacher who determined such grade is, to the extent practicable, given an opportunity to explain why such grade was given and is, to the extent practicable, included in all discussions relating to the changing of such grade.

1. If there is a serious question arising out of the issuance of a grade to a student, the student or parent/guardian shall contact the teacher to arrange for an appointment to review the circumstances. If the issue cannot be resolved with the teacher, an official request for the review of the grade may be made directly to the principal.

2. If the question is not resolved at the principal level, the parent/guardian may call upon the associate/assistant superintendent who shall investigate the circumstances which have taken place. The associate/assistant superintendent will review and make recommendations for resolving the issue. To the extent possible, the teacher shall be involved in all discussions related to changing the grade. All parties involved shall recognize the importance of confidentiality.


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