Northgate High School


Detention (Every Wednesday, 3:15—4:15 p.m.)

  • Detentions will be given for infractions of school rules.
  • Students are required to bring study materials to detention.
  • Students asked to leave detention for misconduct or students failing to attend an assigned detention will be assigned Saturday School.


  • “Temporary removal of a student from on-going instruction for adjustment purposes.”
  • Usually implemented as a result of sequential discipline (i.e., warning, detention), although not always the case depending on the infraction.

Saturday School (8:00 a.m.—12:20 p.m.)

  • Saturday School will be held at least twice a month during the school year.
  • Failure to attend or being asked to leave will result in a suspension.
  • Only medical excuses will be accepted for missing Saturday School.
  • Students are required to bring school work and/or book to read.


  • Expulsion is defined as the removal of a student from all schools of the district and from all school district activities and programs by order of the Board of Education.
  • Grounds for Expulsion—Ed. Code 48900, 48900.2, 48915
  • Mandatory Referrals with Exceptions:
    • The Principal shall recommend the pupil’s expulsion for any of the following acts, unless the principal, after holding a conference, finds and so reports in writing to the Chairperson, District Administrative Hearing Panel, that the expulsion is inappropriate because of the particular circumstance which shall be set out in the principal’s written report to the incident.
      • Caused serious physical injury to another person
      • Possessed any knife, explosive or other dangerous object of no reasonable use on campus or at a school activity off campus
      • Unlawful possession or sale of a controlled substance
      • Robbery or extortion
      • Assault or battery upon any school employee
  • Grounds for Expulsion without Exception With Suspension form
    • Knowingly possessing a firearm at school or at a school activity and possession has been verified
      by a school employee.
    • Brandishing a knife at another person.
    • Unlawfully selling a controlled substance.
    • Committing/attempting to commit a sexual assault/battery.



1st Occurrence

2nd Occurrence

3rd Occurrence

OFF CAMPUS Detention and parent contact Saturday School and  parent contact  2 – 3 day suspension and  parent conference
ACTIVITIES:  Disrupt the orderly business of school or school activities.  Ex.: Use of pepper spray, mace or laser pointers in school rooms, hallways, on campus, or at school activities.  This also includes false fire alarms.
 Detention, parent contact and  possible suspension from class  Saturday School and  parent conference, possible  suspension from class  1-5 day suspension and  Vice Principal’s conference
NO  SHOW  FOR  DETENTION Saturday School and parent contact 1-day suspension and  parent contact  Suspension of 2 or more  days
BEHAVIOR:  Commit or engage in obscenity, profanity, or vulgarity: possession of, preparation of, distribution of pornographic material including but not limited to printed material, video, Internet, or audio material.
 Warning, detention, parent  contact, possible suspension.
Loss of computer privileges.
Saturday School and  parent contact, possible  suspension  2-5 day suspension/parent  contact
DEVICES: Any cell phone or electronic listening device seen or heard on campus will be confiscated by any staff member.  If a device is taken away from a student, the item will be returned only AFTER SCHOOL according to the number of infractions.  Devices include items such as radios, CD players, MP3, IPOD’s and other recorders, hand-held electronic games, pagers, signaling devices, cameras or cell phones.
 STUDENT PICK UP: Student  may pick up the device on  Friday after school if confiscated before noon on
Wednesday; after that, the  following Friday after school.  WARNING!
PARENT PICK UP: Device will  be returned to parent after  school, but student will be  assigned a Saturday School.
 STUDENT PICK UP:  Student may pick up device  (timeline same as 1st  offense), but is  assigned  Saturday School.
PARENT PICK UP: Device  will be returned to a parent  after school, student will be assigned two Saturday  Schools.
 Contract, possible  suspension.    Parent must  arrange a Principal’s  Conference to pick up  device.
DRESS CODE VIOLATION: Warning, change clothes, sent  home, parent called. Detention, parent called.  VP Conference, Contract  signed, Saturday School.

4TH OFFENSE AND  SUBSEQUENT  OFFENSE:  Suspension,  Principal’s Conference.

DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION: Actions which may be embarrassing or offensive to staff members or other students are not acceptable at school.  Warning/detention/Saturday  School/suspension  Warning/detention/Saturday  School/suspension plus parent contact  Warning/detention/Saturday  School/suspension plus parent contact.  2 or more  days suspension.
…Inappropriate/touching  behavior Verbal warning (less severe),  referral, parent contact  and detention/Saturday School,  suspension  Referral, parent contact and
Saturday School.
 1-5 day suspension/parent contact.
Refusing to follow the reasonable direction or request by school personnel at school or school events.  School personnel shall include anyone employed by the district or in serving the district on a volunteer basis under the supervision of school personnel.
 Detention, Saturday School,  parent contact and possible  suspension from class or school
1 day suspension
Saturday School, parent  contact and possible  suspension  1-5 day suspension, parent  contact and Vice Principal conference
TARDY SWEEP Detention/parent contact Saturday School and parent contract  Suspension and parent conference
TARDIES As per Tardy Policy
TRUANCY SARB Contract level 1 and detention  SARB level 2 and 1 Saturday School, parent conference  SARB level 3 and 2 Saturday Schools, parent Conference, district meeting
 FORGERY:  Using the signature or initials of a teacher, parent, or guardian; impersonating another adult or parent for the purpose of fraud in excusing absences or being given permits to leave class or campus. 1-day suspension and parent  conference 3-5 day suspension and  parent conference  5-day suspension  and       principal’s  conference
ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: Plagiarism of another’s work or cheating on paper, quiz, test, or the Internet; the falsification of grade books, progress reports, report cards, or other material used for assessment purposes.  This also includes the theft and use of teacher’s texts, tests or quizzes.  “0” on assignment, parent contact,  andSaturday School  2-day suspension and  parent conference  3-5-day suspension and  parent conference
SCANTRON ALTERATION: Altering, asking a TA to alter or being involved in an alteration of an attendance scantron.  Suspension, parent  conference, “WF” if the student  is an office TA Principal’s conference and 5-day suspension

(Any violation that involves altering

Teacher or school data may result in

recommendation for expulsion.

 1-5 day suspension, parent  notification, loss of computer  privileges for the year, police  contact (depending on  violation). Placed on contract.  5-day suspension, parent  notification, police contact  (depending on  violation). Recommendation  for expulsion (depending on  violation).
VANDALISM: Defacement/destruction of school property.  Attempting to damage or damaging and/or destroying the property of school personnel, the school, or other individuals.  Ex: graffiti on school property, carving on school desks, spray painting, etc.  1-3 day suspension, police  notification, financial  responsibility and parent  conference  5-day suspension, police

notification and parent


 5-day suspension and

principal’s conference

LITTERING  Detention  Saturday School and parent  contact  1 day suspension and  parent conference
THEFT:  Receiving, taking, or attempting to take property that does not belong to you.  1-5 suspension, police  notification, parent conference  3-5 day suspension, police  notification, parent  conference  5-day suspension,  principal’s conference,  possibility of expulsion.
GAMBLING:  Any game of chance or possession of gambling materials including but not limited to cards, tossing coins, dice, or betting.  Conference, warning,  detention, Saturday School,  and/or suspension  Suspension, police  notification and/or parent  contact  2-5 day suspension, parent  contact and transfer



1st Occurrence

2nd Occurrence

3rd Occurrence

TOBACCO:  Possession or use of any tobacco product at school, school activity, or while representing the school.  Saturday School, Tobacco  Cessation Program, parent  contact and behavior contract  2 day suspension and parent  contact  3 day suspension and  principal’s conference
FIGHTING:  Participating in physical confrontation whether the aggressor or not.  (Note:  Any physical confrontation that requires medical treatment or injury that requires medical treatment may result in an automatic recommendation for expulsion.  5-day suspension, possible  police contact, principal’s  conference, placed on contract,  conflict mediation and possible  expulsion  5-day suspension, possible  police contact, principal’s  conference and possible  expulsion  Expulsion
ASSAULT/BATTERY:  Physical attack upon a person or persons by another person or persons.  This also includes the use of pepper spray and/or mace on an individual or individuals.  5-day suspension, police  contact, parent contact, conflict  management, principal’s

conference and contract

 5-day suspension, parent  contact, police contact,  conflict management and  recommend expulsion
…upon school employee  5-day suspension, police  contact, parent contact and

recommend expulsion