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Providing alumni with opportunities to MENTOR Northgate students in a variety of profound ways.

Be a mentor

It is our mission to connect alumni with current students by providing mentoring opportunities, such as:

    Every senior who graduates from Northgate, completes and passes the Senior Project. The Senior Project is a year-long project that students self-select and work on with the support of their English teacher and a mentor. Our senior students need alumni who want to mentor them through the course of the project. Mentoring a senior during Senior project would be about  a 10-20 hour commitment over the course of a school year, and would include a few meetings, conversations, and interviews to help our students better understand their project area of study.
    One of our goals is to provide students with a vast network of Northgate alumni who they can interview to learn more about a particular college, profession, or area of service. Offering an hour of your time for an informational interview with a Northgate student will help them better get a glimpse of the world you live and work in.
    Our current students are always looking for great internships or employment opportunities during the school year and over summer. If you have a local business or organization that would like to support Northgate students, consider hiring one of them to join your team.

Share your story

Our students need to hear about the path you have traveled and learn about opportunities that are available to them. Our annual Speaker Series event and our ongoing Guest Speaker program allows you to come back to Northgate to share your story.

    Every spring we hold our Speaker Series event which includes a panel of distinguished alumni and a moderator who guides the conversation and question and answer period. This is an opportunity for alumni to sit alongside other alumni and share their story to our students. 
    We are always looking for alumni who would like to come back to school and share their story with a few classes of students. Whether you are an engineer, nurse, or salesperson, we have a class that would love to hear about the path you've taken to get where you are at today.


The Northgate Network is simply a database of of our alumni and includes their name, graduating class, college(s), profession(s), and contact information. The goal of the Northgate Network is to provide our students with the names of people they could contact for answers about a college, a career, or a cause.