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Northgate High School


Office Hours

  • Before school, brunch, lunch
  • All checks coming into the Treasurer’s Office should be made out to Northgate High School. Your student’s name and what the check is for should be written in the memo section of the check.
  • Until any debt is paid, yearbooks, transcripts, schedules, major dance/activity tickets, report cards and diplomas will be held.

Returned Checks

  • A check returned due to non-sufficient funds will be assessed an additional processing fee of $25.00.
  • A second returned check will result in an acceptance of cash or money order only.


  • All students must have an Activity Contract turned in before participating in school events.
  • Guest Bids must be completely filled out by the guest’s school and signed by your V.P. before purchasing a dance ticket.
  • Tickets will be sold to a major event up to 48 hours before that event. (Venue deadlines may change this.)