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Multimedia Center

Northgate High School
Multimedia Center

The Northgate High School Multimedia Center is located in the Library, and is open daily from 7:30am – 3:00pm. The Multimedia Center currently has 30 computers, a scanner and a LaserJet printer available for student use before school, brunch, lunch, and Study Session. The Internet is available on all computers for researching class projects.

Students using the Multimedia Center are required to sign (parent’s signature is required if under 18) an Internet User Contract and will be issued a personal password.

Consequences for any violation of the Computer and Internet User Contract:

  • First Violation: 1-5 day suspension, parent notification, loss of computer privileges for the year, police contact (depending on violation). Placed on contract. Note: Any violation that involves altering teacher or school data may result in recommendation for expulsion.
  • Second Violation: 5-day suspension, parent notification, police contact (depending on violation). Recommendation for expulsion (depending on violation).