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Principal's message


Welcome to Northgate High School, Home of the Broncos!

Since 1974, we have been a school known for its ability to celebrate its academic, athletic and artistic achievements. Our academic excellence is supported by an outstanding faculty whose work and commitment to our students continually inspires. This professional commitment extends into our athletic programs where over two-thirds of our students have found just how meaningful participation in the competitive arena can be. This same enthusiasm is also seen among those students whose artistic expression is continually shared both inside and outside of our community. Perhaps most importantly, our students are actively engaged in making the world a better place for us all. When one puts these attributes together, it’s easy to see how Northgate’s mission to support the growth of happy, healthy and innovative people turns a great kid into great adults. Our job is to make sure this continues by keeping our focus on a clear vision, which continues to be a simple one: excellence for, and from, all students.

While I get to see this excellence on display each day here at school, I know that it doesn’t happen on its own. It happens because people care. As I start my third year here at Northgate I continue to be impressed with the generosity of our parent community. So much of what makes this school special can be directly seen in the ways that committed parents contribute to the betterment of the school facility, the support of our athletic and arts programs as well as the continual enhancement of what teachers offer in the classroom. With this in mind, we look forward to the continued enhancement if our curricular integration with the California State Standards as well as the enhanced training opportunities for our teachers at all levels of this process. Your support of the PFC has also made it possible to extend and enhance our technological offerings with iPad and Chromebook integration across the curriculum as we take full advantage of our expanded WiFi capacity throughout the school.

Thanks to all of you, we are making huge strides towards making this great school even better. Thanks to you, as of this year we are ranked as one of US News and World Report’s best high schools in California. Thanks to you, we are increasingly able to ensure that we can actually see excellence for, and from, all of Northgate’s students; students that are increasingly happy, healthy and innovative as they grow into engaged adults.

This is an exciting time to be at Northgate. It continues to be an honor to serve our students, our staff, our faculty and all of you.

Thank you and, of course, Go Broncos!


Kelly Cooper

Principal, Northgate High School

Twitter: @NorthgateHS