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Going to Staples? Use Staples Classroom Rewards Program to fund NHS classrooms. Find teacher codes here.
Posted 6/6/19



Give back to your teachers with every Staples® purchase. You can give back with online purchases or in-store.

Select your teacher, enter your receipt and they will get 5% back on all eligible purchases made from 5/19/19 to 9/15/19 - if you forgot to enter the teacher's name at the time you can still do it now.


Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to collect your own rewards.



Here's a link to the enrolled teacher's page:





You may enroll at the following link:


Find the enrolled Northgate Teachers reward number below.


Mr. Tobin                                            

Rewards Number: 3441980731.         


Mr. Tubio

Rewards Number: 3289186532


Ms. Carmon    

Rewards Number: 3441984527


Mr. Bauleke

Rewards Number: 3441984626


Mr. Penovich

Rewards Number: 5876417436


Ms. Moore

Rewards Number: 


Mr. Ceresa

Rewards Number: 3051018285


Ms. De Bella

Reward Number: 3684808466


Ms. Reimer

Reward Number: 3801089388


Ms. Eisner

Reward Number: 3445714060.