Volunteers (Finger Printing)

Northgate High School


Form for Fingerprinting Process required by MDUSD, click here

Northgate High School requires that volunteers present to the school principal a certificate to verify they have had and passed a T.B. testing.  Fingerprinting must be completed and a notice sent to school administration before a person can volunteer.

  • Volunteers are responsible to the principal and work under the direction of a designated member of the staff.
  • Volunteers will be assigned to a specific teacher or staff person (hereinafter known as the supervisor) under whose direction they will be expected to work.  Their major function is assisting the supervising teacher in the routine of regular class operation.  This may include roll taking, paper correction, grade recording, individual tutoring or class presentations.  Volunteers will not be asked to assume full responsibility for teaching a class without a valid student teaching credential.
  • Volunteers will consider all information about students as privileged, and such information shall not be shared with anyone but authorized school personnel. Personal relationships with students extending beyond the school are not encouraged. Confidentiality of information is most essential for volunteers.
  • Volunteers have the responsibility to report in and check out with their supervisor at assigned duty hours. The supervisor shall be called or informed when a volunteer is unable to report for duty. The supervisor will hold periodic progress conferences with the volunteer. The volunteer’s duty assignment may be terminated at any time by the volunteer’s request or the request of the principal.