• Clearing Absences
    • Absences must be cleared within 72 hours (weekends and holidays excluded).  Please call the 24-hour attendance hot-line at 939-6911 and report your student’s absence.  If you call after 2:30 p.m. the absence will not be cleared until the next day. You may also send in a note with your student upon student’s return.
    • For efficiency’s sake please use the following format when reporting an absence:
      • Students’ name/grade (spell last name please)
      • Date of absence
      • Reason for absence (very brief please)
      • Relationship to student
      • Your day time phone #
  • Examples of Valid Excuses for Absences
    • 1.  Illness or injury of the student (code = L)
    • 2.  Student attendance at a doctor, dental, orthodontist, or other medical     appointment (code = E)
    • 3. Student attendance at the funeral service of an immediate family member (code = E)
    • 4. A quarantine imposed by a city or county health official (code = E)
    • 5. Student service on a jury (code = E)
    • 6. Up to five days to obtain required immunizations (code = O)
    • 7. Exclusion from school due to head lice, lack of immunization, or physical examination (code = O)
    • 8. Appearance in court ( code = E)
    • 9. Employment interview or conference (code = E)
    • 10. Prior approval of absence from the Principal (code = O)
      • (All invalid reasons will be coded with a U (unexcused) and will count towards placing student on a truancy contract!!!)
  • Attendance Calls / E-Mails
    • Automated phone calls are made every night to the home phone number you have provided on the emergency card. You will also receive an e-mail for the same absence if you have provided us with your e-mail address.  If your student is missing from one period, chances are he/she was marked absent by mistake or went to class late.  The student has to come to the Attendance Office for a correction form.  Please do not call to report that it is a mistake as no action will be taken by this office.  The student and teacher have to clear it.
  • HomeLink
    • This Fall parents/guardians will have access to students’ attendance live, via HomeLink  (www.mdusd.org/homelink) – if you don’t receive an attendance call or an e-mail, chances are there was a computer glitch and they didn’t go out.  Now with HomeLink you can confirm your child’s attendance yourself but you must sign up, get a verification code, and create an account.  Most of you already signed for these letters during walk through.  If you didn’t or have lost it, please call the attendance office for a copy.
  • Medical Appointment
    • If your student has a medical appointment in the morning or is running late, please call 938-0900, ext 3505 to report this. The student then needs to check in with the Attendance Office to get an admit slip (you may also send student with a note).  Also, if your child has a medical/dental/ortho appointment early morning, please be sure to ask for an excuse slip from that provider.
  • Permits to Leave 
    • If your student needs to leave early he/she must come to Attendance with a note/phone call from you before leaving campus..
    • MDUSD has a “closed campus” policy.  If you need to pick up your student during the school day please call 938-0900, ext 3505 at least one hour before pick up.  The office then writes a pass and sends it to your student, who in turn, meets you at the location you have agreed upon.  Please don’t pick up your student without a permit to leave and call in later to clear the absence.  Absence will not be cleared – it will be recorded as a truant.  ATTENDANCE OFFICE IS CLOSED DAILY DURING 5TH PERIOD.  If you have an emergency and need to pick up your child while the office is closed, you can speak to anyone in the main office
    • MDUSD also has a “no cell phone” policy.  Please don’t allow your student to call/text you from their cell phone while in class.  ALL calls home need to be made from the Attendance Office.
  • Average Daily Attendance Info
    • The District does not receive ADA when a student is absent from school whether it’s a valid reason or not. If you have reported your student absent for the whole day, but the student comes to school in the afternoon because he/she feels better, please be sure to call the Attendance Office or have your student check-in so that the absence can be recorded correctly.   IF A STUDENT COMES TO SCHOOL EVEN FOR ONE CLASS WE RECEIVE ADA FOR THE WHOLE DAY!!!
    • Every effort should be made to discourage students from missing school because of minor illnesses.  Medical appointments should also be made at a time that least disrupts student’s instructional time and attendance.  Please be aware that if your student misses13 days of school due to illness you will be required to provide medical verification to this office for future absences (MDUSD AR 5113)
  • Short-Term Independent Study
    • If a student is going to be absent from school for 5 days or more because of medical reasons or family matters and you know about this absence in advance, please call the Attendance Office and request an Independent Study Contract.  If the contract is completed correctly, we will receive ADA for the days that the student is absent and the student will receive credit for the work completed.
  • Medical Attention at School
    • Students are not allowed to carry medication on campus, whether it be prescription or over-the-counter, unless they have written permission from their doctor and our school nurse.  Medication can be stored and administered in the attendance office with the correct paperwork.  Please call the Attendance Office for more information, ext 3505.
  • Report Cards and Absences
    • Absences are shown on progress reports & report cards.  It makes no difference if the absence was cleared or not, it’s an absence from class and as such, has to be recorded.
  • Going on Vacation Without a Student? 
    • If you’re going to be out of town or on vacation for a number of days, please be sure to send in a note to the Attendance Office or call in with information of the person responsible for your student during your absence.
  • Emergency Cards
    • Emergency cards are to be filled out by parent/guardian – not the student.  If there is a change in your contact information during the year, please be sure to call the Attendance Office so we may update our data base
  • Tardy Policy
    • 3rd Tardy Teacher: WARNING
    • 6th Tardy Teacher will contact parent by letter or phone, then contact VP to assign a 1-
      hour detention. Teachers are encouraged to give participation points in their classes.
    • 9th Tardy Vice Principal will be notified and will assign a Saturday School. In addition, the
      student will be put on a contract that the parent will be asked to sign.
    • 12th Tardy The student will be suspended for one day—(K) Defiance
    • 15th Tardy The student will be suspended for 2 days—(K) Defiance
    • 16th Tardy The student will be suspended 3 days—(K) Defiance and have a PRINCIPAL’S CONFERENCE.
    • Tardy sweeps for students will occur on a random basis to monitor adherence to the Tardy Policy.
    • TRUANCY — Truancy will lead to student fine and loss of driver’s license. Truancy Defined: A student is considered truant when he/she is absent from school, absent from one or more periods within the school day, or tardy in excess of 30 minutes to one or more classes, or any
      combination thereof without a valid excuse.
    • District staff, local law enforcement officials, and the District Attorney have become increasingly concerned about student truancy. As a result, a new enforcement program has been developed for high school students.
    • When a student is truant, State law requires the school to inform parent/guardians:
      1. When a student has been declared a truant.
      2. That the parent or guardian is obliged to compel the attendance of the student to school.
      3. That parents or guardians who fail to meet their obligation may be guilty of an infraction and subject to prosecution.
      4. That alternative educational programs are available in the district.
      5. That it is important to call the student’s school to make an appointment to discuss student truancy.
      6. That the student may be subject to prosecution.
      7. That the student’s driving privilege may be subject to suspension, restriction or delay.
      8. That it is recommended that the parent or guardian accompany the student to school and attend class with the student for one day.Since 1995, high school students who are declared truants will be given legal notice of new
      consequences related to truancy. Consequences can now include an order to appear in
      Juvenile court and an order to:
      1. Perform 40 hours of after school community service, and
      2. Pay a fine of $100 (for which the parent/guardian is jointly liable), and
      3. Suspend the driver’s license or suspend the eligibility to apply for one. Prior to taking any of the
      above actions, students and parents will be provided with notice and ample time to correct attendance
      problems. The process that would lead to an appearance will include conferencing with a
      school administrator, assignment to a study program, and appearing before members of the
      School Attendance Review Board (SARB). The District Attorney and District Officials believe that
      this program will provide an effective deterrent to school truancy.
      More information on SARB can be obtained by calling the district at (682-8000, ext. 4025).

Parking Permits

  • Parking permits are required for parking. Parking permits will be sold to Seniors and Juniors and students with “A” period classes ONLY the first three weeks of school. Additional permits may be available second semester if the lot is not being fully utilized. Students must be parked in student parking lot in front of the school. Unauthorized cars or other vehicles may be cited or towed, loss of parking privileges on campus, and further disciplinary actions may be taken. Permit cost is $20.00 and they may be purchased in the Main Office. A student’s car without a permit is defined as unauthorized.
  • Always lock motorcycles and bicycles securely. Do not park in designated staff, visitor, handicapped, fire lanes, or red curb parking areas or you may be cited and/or towed!

Driving on Campus

  • Students driving on school grounds are required to drive slowly and cautiously. Violators may lose parking privileges and face disciplinary action.
  • After students arrive on campus, cars will be out-of-bounds until students leave campus at the end of their school day. No loitering in cars or parking lot will be permitted during the school day, including brunch and lunch. Violators may lose parking privileges and face further disciplinary action.
  • Parents are requested to drop off and pick up their students at the designated student drop-off area along Castle Rock Road. They are not to enter the parking lot, adding additional traffic to the lot.

Leaving Campus Without Permission

  • All schools in the Mt Diablo District have a “Closed Campus”. Students are required to remain on campus until the end of their school day. Students who leave without permission will be assigned Detention on the first offense, Saturday School on the second offense and suspended on the third offense. (This includes leaving at lunch or brunch.) Students may leave for legitimate reasons by obtaining a “Permit to Leave School” at the attendance office.

Visitors on Campus

  • Students may not bring friends or relatives to school without the prior permission of the school administration. A student visitor pass must be requested one week in advance from the office. Thestudent visitor form must be signed by all student’s teachers. Visitor must show ID from home school. Student visitor may not be from a school within a 100 mile radius. No visitors are allowed on Fridays, the day before a holiday or vacation, during June or finals week.


  • Any student caught stealing is subject to suspension until a principal’s conference is held. The student may also be subject to arrest by police. The principal could recommend repayment, work detail, dropping a class, transfer to alternative education/comprehensive high school, transfer to another high school or referral for expulsion.


  • All parties participating in a physical fight will be suspended for the remainder of the school day and up to a total of five days. A parent conference will be required before the student is reinstated. A referral to the school Conflict Management Team will be made. The student may be transferred to an alternative education/comprehensive high school.

Conflict Managment

  • Trained students help and deal with conflicts such as verbal conflicts, fights, rumor control and peer pressure. All students are urged to make use of their expertise in helping to solve problems that may
    arise between you and a fellow student. All referrals to trained Conflict Managers may be made
    through the Student Services Coordinator.

Threat/Assault on School Personnel

  • Any student who threatens or assaults school personnel will be reported to police and will be suspended pending a principal’s conference. This requires a mandatory referral to the District Administrative Hearing Panel to consider expulsion.

Threat/Assault on Student

  • Any student who threatens or assaults another student will be reported to the police and will be suspended pending a principal’s conference. The student may be transferred to alternative education/comprehensive high school or to another high school, referred for expulsion, or given another appropriate disciplinary action.


  • In order to maintain a safe and orderly campus, students are expected to comply with reasonable requests of staff members in a respectful and cooperative manner. Students who defy the authority of school personnel, by arguing with or running away from any staff member, may be assigned detention, Saturday School, or suspended. A student may be dropped from the class for continued defiance, and placed on a shortened day.

Vandalism to School or Private Property

  • Offenders may be subject to restitution, police arrest, suspension, transfer to another school, or expulsion from school district.


  • Skateboards may not be ridden on campus at any time. These items may be confiscated for a period of five days or longer. Skateboard lockers are available outside the Attendance Office.


  • Any student found littering is subject to detention, Saturday School, or suspension.

Academic Honesty

  • Northgate High School’s Academic Honesty Policy is a product of cooperation between students and staff to ensure that all students will conduct themselves in an honest fashion, both morally and intellectually, at all times. It is the responsibility of the staff and students to ensure that the values of honesty, integrity, and responsibility be upheld in all school endeavors. Any academic dishonesty devalues the academic effort of all students by diminishing the sense of academic integrity and ethical values among students.
  • The purpose of the Academic Honesty Policy is to establish fair guidelines for consequences and to clarify the academic values this school embraces in preparing students for further academic endeavors. Any infraction of the code will render serious consequences and a notation will be made in the student’s permanent file. Academic grades in courses for which academic dishonesty has been verified by established school procedures may not be dropped or changed from the record.
  • Repeat offenses and specific behaviors not included in the following list of consequences will be assessed individually by the administration and personnel involved.
    • HOMEWORK: Students will receive a “O” on the assignment, including any student who allows others to copy his/her work. Student will be referred to the vice principal, parental contact will be made, and the incident will be recorded in student’s permanent file.
    • CHEATING ON AN EXAM: Student will receive a “O” on the test, Saturday School, and parent contact. Student will be referred to the vice principal, parental contact will be made, and the incident will be recorded in the student’s permanent file without the possibility of any kind of alteration. A suspension of two (2) days will occur for a second offense.
    • STEALING AN EXAM: Student will be dropped from the class with a grade of “F”. Student will be referred to a principal’s hearing with a possible outcome of expulsion or administrative transfer.
    • BREAKING IN TO STEAL AN EXAM: Student will be dropped from the class with a grade of “F”. Student will be referred to a principal’s hearing with a possible outcome of expulsion or administrative transfer. (This will include breaking into the Internet and using computers to steal an exam.)
    • STUDENTS CHANGING GRADES AND/OR USING A COMPUTER TO CHANGE GRADES: Student will be dropped from the class with a grade of “F”. Student will be referred to a principal’s hearing with a possible outcome of expulsion or administrative transfer.
    • PLAGIARISM AND DIGITAL PLAGIARISM: Student will receive a “O” on the assignment for direct plagiarism; individual teachers will determine what to do for indirect (borrowing ideas) plagiarism. Student will be referred to the vice principal, and the incident will be recorded in student’s permanent file. A suspension of two (2) days will occur for a second offense.
    • FORGERY: Possibility of failure in class. Referral to the vice principal with the possible outcome of expulsion or administrative transfer. Incident will be recorded in student’s permanent file.

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices

  • Any cell phone or electronic listening device seen or heard on campus will be confiscated by any
    staff member!
  • If a device is taken away from a student, the item will be returned only AFTER SCHOOL according to the number of infractions. Devices include items such as radios, CD players, MP3, IPOD’s and other recorders, hand-held electronic games, pagers, signaling devices, cameras or cell phones.
  • A record will be kept on each student’s violation of this policy, with progressive penalties (subject to administrative review).
  • Refusal to relinquish an electronic device upon request will result in an additional onsequence for defiance.


  • The governing board believes that homework is an important part of the learning process. It provides
    opportunities for the pupil to develop proficiency with skills, work and study habits, a sense of responsibility, and self-discipline. Homework is any assigned activity which is primarily accomplished outside of regular classroom time and which has a definite relationship to the student’s instructional program. All work must be within the limits of the District framework and standards. Homework shall not be given as a punishment.
  • Principal/Site Administrator will:
    • Communicate the school’s homework policy to teachers, parents/guardians, and student.
    • Support teachers as they seek to implement established homework policy.
  • Teachers will:
    • Assure that assignments are reasonable, within the ability range of each student, and relevant to
      the course of study.
    • Assure their objectives and materials to be covered have been fully explained.
    • Coordinate homework assignments when students have more than one teacher.
    • Provide students with feedback.
    • Communicate to pupil the impact of homework on grades.
  • Pupils will:
    • Listen carefully to teachers as homework is assigned.
    • Record homework assignments in agenda/planners.
    • Return homework assignments completed and on time.
    • Complete work independently (unless otherwise directed), proofread work for errors, neatness
      and legibility.
  • Parents/Guardians will:
    • Provide appropriate time and place for study which will include appropriate resource materials.
      (The study place should have good lighting and be private and quiet.)
    • Provide support and encouragement for student to complete homework.
    • Monitor the completion and follow through on your student’s homework assignments.
    • Please note: Teachers are not obligated to provide/accept homework/class work due to a

Spectator Behavior

  • The Mt. Diablo Unified School District has endorsed the program “Victory with Honor” which embraces
    the tenets of good sportsmanship for players, coaches, and spectators at athletic events. Among the expectations for spectators are:

    • No booing or verbal harassment of players, spirit groups, and fans of the opposing team during warm-up for the contest, during the playing of the contest, and after the contest.
    • No booing or verbal harassment of game officials before, during, or after the playing of the contest.
    • No conduct which is in defiance of section, league, district, and school policies.
    • Following the direction of site administrators and/or school personnel while attending any activity.
      Failure to meet these expectations may result in being suspended from the privilege of attending for a period of two games (after that game) and/or the remainder of the season, playoffs included.


  • Students and Parents must sign contract before all dances.
  • Dress: Students shall dress appropriately for all school-related events, including all formal dance events. Inappropriate dress consists of: dresses that expose midriff; dresses that plunge too low in the front or back; dresses that fall above mid-thigh; and dresses that expose inappropriate areas. All articles of clothing must remain worn throughout the duration of the event. If the dance is formal, no jeans, shorts, or t-shirts may be worn and all logos and designs must be appropriate. All attire worn to the event is subject to administrative discretion and consequences, and any inappropriatelydressed students will be sent home. No ticket refunds will be given to students sent home.
  • Substance Abuse: Students shall not consume any illegal substance during any school-related event. Students shall not attend a school related event under the influence of any illegal substance. If a student is found to be at any level of intoxication or in possession of any illegal substance, the student will be subject to administrative consequences, a police report will be filed, and parents will be called to escort the student home. No ticket refunds will be given to students sent home.
  • Conduct: Students shall conduct themselves in an appropriate, professional manner at school events, including dancing and language. Dancing shall not suggest sexual action or anything unsuitable for a high school event. Dancers shall not touch inappropriate body parts, and when dancing back to front, all dancers must remain upright. Students shall not perform lap dances, or sandwich dances, and a reasonable level of separation shall be maintained between all dance partners. All dance shall be
    assessed for appropriateness by the administration, and inappropriate dancers will be sent home. No
    ticket refunds will be given to students sent home.

School Dress Code

  • No tube tops or halter tops.
  • No undershirts worn as t-shirts.
  • Undergarments must be worn at all times and may not be exposed.
  • Excessively low-cut tops will not be permitted.
  • Pants must be above the hip bone; the bottom of shirt and top of pant must meet when standing.
  • Pants must be above the buttocks and held up on their own.
  • When measured from the top of the leg to the top of the knee, shorts or skirts must be at the middle
    of the thigh or longer.
  • No pants or shirts with inappropriate writing.


  • All weapons and dangerous objects that are brought to school threaten the safety of students and staff and disrupt the learning environment. For these reasons, weapons cannot be tolerated.

Throwing/Kicking Objects

  • Throwing/kicking objects is not allowed. Any student found guilty of throwing or kicking any object will face possible detention or suspension.

Eating Areas

  • Food/drink is available from the cafeteria at brunch/lunch. Student cooperation is needed to maintain a clean school building and campus. Food/drink is permitted in designated areas, and is not permitted in carpeted areas, classrooms, library, computer labs, hallways, or gym. Students eating or drinking in these areas will be subject to disciplinary action.

Displays of Affection

  • Actions which may be embarrassing or offensive to staff members or other students are not acceptable at school. First offense may result in a warning followed by parent notification and/or detention, Saturday School and suspension.

Possessing or Using Drugs, Alcohol, or any Controlled Substance

  • First Offense
    • Notify parents and the police.
    • Mandatory referral to the Alcohol/Drug Abuse Workshop and family assessment counseling session.
    • Administrator will suspend for 5 days.
    • Student contract, indicating student responsibility and expected behavior with clear understanding of what may occur if offense is repeated, would be signed by student, parent and administrator.
    • After confirmation of first violation, the student shall lose extra curricular eligibility for the next forty five (45) school days.
    • The student shall be restricted from participation in or attendance at all school extra curricular activities during the 45 day period. This includes sports events, all special school affiliated activities, and all dances including Junior Prom and Senior Ball.
    • The student shall be enrolled in or have completed a school-approved rehabilitation and/or counseling program during that period.
    • ossible expulsion
  • Second Offense
    • Notify parents and police
    • Immediate suspension
    • Principal’s conference
    • Student shall lose eligibility for one (1) school year (180 school days from the date of violation). No exception is permitted for a student who becomes a participant in a treatment program. This includes attendance at any school extra curricular activity.
    • If the principal substantiates the second offense the pupil will be recommended for expulsion or for other action that may be deemed appropriate by the principal.
    • The school is responsible for the behavior and conduct of students at all school events—dances, sporting events, stage productions, etc., whether at Northgate or another location, whether a day activity or a night activity. School rules will be enforced.

Selling Drugs, Alcohol, or any Controlled Substance

  • First Offense
    • Notify parents and police, immediate suspension, Principal’s conference, and possible expulsion.

Use or possession of nicotine or tobacco

  • First Offense
    • Saturday School and directed to attend a smoking cessation class (this includes chewing tobacco).
  • Second Offense
    • May be suspended up to 2 days.
  • Third Offense
    • May be suspended up to 3 days.

Sexual Harassment

  • The Mt. Diablo Unified School District prohibits harassment/threat/intimidation of any student by any employee, student or other person in the district. Staff shall be alert and immediately responsive to student conduct which may interfere with another student’s ability to participate in or benefit from school services, activities or privileges.
  • Any student who feels that he/she is being harassed, threatened or intimidated should immediately contact either the school personnel, principal or designee. If a situation involving harassment/threat/intimidation is not promptly remedied by the school personnel, principal or designee, a complaint may be filed with the Student Services Director who shall determine which complaint procedure is appropriate.
  • Whether or not conduct is harassment/threat/intimidation depends upon how the person to whom the conduct is directed and/or the people standing nearby feel about what was said or done, and not upon whether the harasser intended to hurt or bother anyone. People can harass others of the same sex or the opposite sex. That means boys can harass boys, and girls can harass girls. Also, boys can harass girls, and girls can harass boys.

General Harassment

  • In the school environment, harassment may include threats, intimidation, slurs, epithets, verbal or physical abuse, and derogatory or degrading comments. Bullying is a serious form of harassment and may include physical, verbal, or exclusionary practices by a student or group of students.
  • Harassment includes a pattern of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other unwanted verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature. A single incident may also be considered
    harassment depending upon the circumstances.

Hate Motivated Harassment

  • Hate-motivated behavior is any act or attempted act against a student or staff member that is motivated all or in part by hostility to the victim’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or gender.
  • EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE SAFE AT SCHOOL—California Law, AB 537 now makes it ILLEGAL TO HARASS or discriminate against students based on real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity. District Campus Safety Hotline 825-1641.