MDUSD Graduation Requirements

Class of 2016 Graduation Requirements

220 credits total (Comprehensive high schools)
English                                                  40 credits
Social Studies                                     30 credits
Math                                                       30 credits*
Science                                                   20 credits (10 Biological, 10 Physical)
PE                                                             20 credits
VAPA or World Languages             20 credits**
or CTE (Career Technical Education)
Electives                                                 60 credits
* Must include Algebra I
**Students complete 10 credits each in two of three areas

Alt Ed and Adult Ed 200 credits total (no PE requirement)

VAPA or World Language or CTE Requirement

  • Moves MDUSD closer to default A-G requirements
  • Student must pass 10 credits each in 2 of 3 subject areas.
  • Examples: Student passes 10 credits of Spanish and 10 credits of Art – requirements is met
  • Student passes 20 credits in Art, 5 credits in Spanish, and 5 credits in CTE- requirement not met
  • Student passes 10 credits in CTE and 10 in Art- requirement met

Roll Out Activities

  • Meetings with site administrators and counselors to discuss requirements, progress tracking, and options for students to meet requirements
  • All class of 2016 transcripts reviewed and individualized plans created as needed
  • Worked with TIS to update subject area “J” in Aeries by adding over 90 CTE courses including an online option