Walk Through Registration

Walk Through Registration is scheduled for August 14-15, 2017 at Northgate High School. All Northgate students are required to attend Walk Through Registration during their assigned times. Walk Through Registration is when students receive their class schedules, student IDs, take their yearbook photos, and more. It’s also a time for parents to make contributions, join the Parent Faculty Club, and learn about various organizations at Northgate.



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Online Registration/Address Verification Drop in Dates

All 9th graders are required to verify their addresses at Walk Through Registration. Click HERE for directions related to address verification. Northgate will be hosting three drop in address verifications dates.   If you are not able to attend these drop in dates, you will be required to visit the residency check table first on the day of registration. NO STUDENT WILL BE PERMITTED TO COMPLETE WALK THROUGH REGISTRATION WITHOUT VERIFYING THEIR ADDRESS.

Wednesday 8/9 8AM-10AM

Thursday 8/10 8AM-10AM

Thursday 8/10 4PM-6PM

9th grade Walk Through Registration Tuesday 8/15 12PM-3PM

In addition, during this time, staff will be available to help any family who needs help with online registration. If you need a Homelink Verification code, please contact the main office at anytime this week for your student’s Homelink letter or drop in at one of these times.


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