Gondola Ride Release for Junior Prom

The Gondola Ride release form gives permission for your son/daughter to participate in the gondola ride service held at the Northgate Junior Prom provided by Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill. It releases Northgate High School, the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, the California Department of Education, and each of their agents, employees, and volunteers from any liability arising from my child’s participation in said service.

For more details please download the Gondola Ride Free Service for Prom. Turn in contracts at the Treasurer’s office and then choose a time.

Download Gondola Ride Free Service for Prom

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Principal Message for the Northgate Community

Dear Northgate Community,

As many of you know, following the shooting in Florida, high school students across the country have been planning walkouts on the one month anniversary of the tragedy, Wednesday, March 14. Here at Northgate, a diverse set of students have worked to organize a gathering wherein those killed can be honored and voices advocating change in policy can be heard.

 As I have sat with these students to offer both support and guidance in this First Amendment process I’ve been impressed with their integration of our 5Cs into their work: they are communicating, critically thinking, creating, collaborating, and connecting in ways that are at once inspiring and impactful. To this end, I want our students to feel both safe and supported as they “Walk-Out” to our blacktop with faculty and staff, on Wednesday, shoulder to shoulder, walking with them out to the blacktop for a 17-minute commemoration. With this said, any students who decide to leave the campus will be considered truant. Please communicate these points to your students.

 The District is supporting this student-led effort and has sanctioned our schedule adjustment. While I am not typically in favor of shortening classes, this may be among the great lessons in civic participation in which our students can participate. Classes will be adjusted in order to accommodate our gathering. The bell schedule for this Wednesday is as follows:

  • A.)    7:00 – 7:50 (50)
  • 1.)    7:55 – 8:38 (43)
  • 2.)    8:43 – 9:26 (43)
  • 3.)    9:31 – 10:14 (43)
  • Br & Walk-Out) 10:14 – 10:56 (42)
  • 4.)    11:01 – 11:44 (43)
  • 5.)    12:24 – 1:07 (43)
  • 6.)    1:12 – 1:55 (43)

Students not wishing to participate in the Walk-Out will be offered a place to congregate.

Again, the other administrators and I have been working with the student organizers to ensure that we have a safe place to grieve and register student concerns in an organized way. Thank you, as always, in helping us support what is best for our students. We live, as the Chinese proverb says, “… in interesting times.” For us to guide our students appropriately, with both care and compassion, is our job. To this end, serving this effort with each of you continues to be an honor.

 Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

 Michael G. McAlister


Northgate High School

925-938-0900, ex. 3500

Twitter: @NorthgateHS

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Important PSAT information for parents and students

Hi everyone,  the PSAT is nearly upon us – April 12th, 2018. We have provided some links that we hope will clarify some questions you may have:

  • What Is the PSATTM 10?
  • When Is the 2018 PSAT 10?
  • Skills Tested on the PSAT 10
  • How to Prepare for the PSAT 10
  • Sample PSAT 10 Questions
  • Resources

Learn how to prepare for the PSAT by downloading and reading the following presentation –  ppt_prepare-psat-10 (1)

Learn about what to bring? what not to bring? and what to expect on the day of the PSAT – PSAT Student Info (1)

Follow the link to the find the PSAT schedule for 2018 –  PSAT schedule 2018

Please follow the link to some practice questions. PSAT practice questions

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