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Cori Starr earned her BS in Health Science and teaching credentials from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga.  After teaching in Antioch for 10 years, she became a Bronco in 2002.  She is currently the department chair and teaches Biology, Physiology, and Honors Physiology.  Cori is active in the Strategic Support Program in working with the mentors.  Outside of school she enjoys reading, cooking, watching dance competitions and detective shows, and hanging with her family.

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Melanie got her Bachelor of Science in Zoology from UC Santa Barbara in 2002. After graduating, she pursued her interests in animal health and worked for 10 years as a registered veterinary technician at Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital and Oakland Zoo. Melanie decided to change careers in 2011, and became a science teacher at Northgate High School. This is her 5th year teaching biology and ROP Veterinary Science, and she loves that so many of her students are enthusiastic and goal-oriented. In addition to teaching science, Melanie is one of the Link Crew coordinators at Northgate, and loves working with student leaders and supporting incoming freshmen as they start their high school years.

In her spare time, Melanie enjoys photography, crafts, cooking, and traveling with her 2 children and her husband. She is always busy planning the next big adventure, and hopes to visit all of the National Parks by the time she turns 50!

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My name is Kevin Taylor.  I received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Masters degree in Education from UC Davis.  After  my Bachelor’s degree I stayed in Davis and earned my teaching credential.  While at Davis, along with my focus in chemistry, I took a strong interest in Geology and Geochemistry.  I coach for the Walnut Creek Aquabears.  I was the head swim coach for the Pleasant Hill “Dolfins” swim team, for 3 years.  I also have coached for the Northgate High School Swimming team.  Throughout high school and college I played water polo and was on the swimming team.

Science is all around us and part of our everyday life.  I want my students to learn and understand the wonder and complexity of what they experience every day.  I strongly believe that learning is an active process. It is my goal to have my students involved directly in the lessons.  In my class, student will see, hear, and physically do the activities.  This will hit on the three primary ways in which students learn. I look forward to teaching your students this year.


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Todd graduated from Chico State and moved into the professional sales field.  He changed careers in 2004 and  followed his love of teaching and started at Ygnacio Valley High School.  After teaching 10 years at Ygnacio Valley, he switched over to Northgate and has been here for the last 3 years..  Todd currently teaches Biology and Earth Science.  He is a Link Crew Coordinator and the Head Frosh Football Coach.

Outside of school, Todd enjoys painting, woodworking and biking.

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My name is Paul Gundelfinger. I have pursued many interests. I have trained as a singer since I was a teenager. I also play guitar and recently began studying the upright bass. l like to travel, and have wandered extensively throughout Europe and Asia. I have always had a deep love of the ocean and the natural world. In my free time you will find me enjoying life with my family, which includes my wife and two wonderful children, fishing from my kayak off our coast, or hiking in the mountains.

My love of the ocean led me to study marine biology in college. I received my Master of Science in marine science from San Francisco State University in 2005. During the course of my studies and research I dove extensively off the California coast studying rockfish populations. The goal of my research was to examine reproductive success of rockfish populations in order to further our understanding of how best to conserve exploited fish populations.

As a graduate student I discovered I love to teach. As a biology and AP biology teacher at
Northgate High School it is my goal to share my love of the natural world with my students and to engage them in the scientific process of inquiry and discovery. It is my hope that my students leave my class with a curious mind, and more finely honed skills for success in college and the world at large.

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“Your inclinations are in the fields of science and arts”, my counselor told me back in high school. I decided to become a doctor but I ended up graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology at the Philippine Women’s University in Manila. Then, I thought teaching was more noble than working in a laboratory at some hospital or clinic, so I took the required courses in Education and became a teacher. Chemistry is my major, since I took a lot of it in college. I was lucky to be awarded a government-sponsored scholarship in Physics teaching during my first year as a teacher and Physics became my minor. I love teaching and I have been in this profession for more than thirty years but I’m still inspired to do my job and make it better.


My name is Tessa Eckenfelder and I have been teaching Biology and Chemistry since 2011. I have always lived in the East Bay Area, graduating from Monte Vista High School in Danville. After high school, I attended CSU Long Beach, where I received a BS in Biology with a concentration in Zoology. I then moved back to Northern California and attended Sonoma State University where I earned my teaching credential.  On my free time, I enjoy playing with my son, reading science fiction books, and watching zombie flicks. Over summer, I spend time traveling , visiting family who live all around the US, and I revise my curriculum in preparation for the new school year.  I absolutely love teaching, and come August, I can’t wait to get back!

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My name is Chase Templeton and I grew up in Brentwood, CA. I went to Liberty High where I was on the swim team and played water polo. I continued my education and athletics at DVC and then transferred to Chico State. During those years I coached both swimming and water polo for USA club teams. At Chico State I graduated with a Bachelors in Biology and then stayed to earn my teaching credential.  I am a new staff member here at Northgate and am excited to be a part of this amazing school.

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Teacher Name Classes Phone Ext. Email Media
Todd Bauleke BIO, EARTH SCI x1560
Willie Carlile BIO, AP ENV SCI x2105 Website 
Tessa Eckenfelder CHEM I x2104 Website
Julie Fernandez CHEM I x2102
Kipp Penovich PHYSICS Website
Paul Gundelfinger BIO, AP BIO x2109 Website
Melanie Scott ROP VET SCI, BIO x1538
Corinne Starr

(Dept. Head)

BIO, PHYSIO, PHYSIO H x2108 Physio, Bio 
Kevin Taylor CHEM H, AP CHEM x2101 Website 
Chase Templeton BIOLOGY, CYBER HIGH x2104