Academic Counseling

We encourage students to come in to ask questions, seek information and get to know the counselors.  Please follow the processes outlined below to contact Northgate academic counselors. Counselors are available to provide academic related services to all Northgate students.

Why Contact an Academic Counselor?

  • Student guidance
  • Academic monitoring
  • Scheduling Advice
  • Credit Remediation
  • Outdoor Education
  • Off Campus Alternative Education/Cyber High
  • Home & Hospital
  • Conflict Managers
  • Work Experience
  • Questions about testing accommodations
  • Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) program
  • 4 year plans
  • Independent Study and Small Necessary Schools


  • In order to ensure students are not marked absent or are missing class time, please do the following before meeting with your academic counselor:
    • Drop by the counseling office before school, during lunch or brunch, and after school (No appointments are necessary). This method works best for students who have questions or concerns that can be addressed quickly.
    • Make an appointment: Fill out a “Counselor/Administrative Meeting Request Form” (available in student services from the student services secretary). If a student needs more than just a few minutes to discuss any questions or concerns, please stop by Student Services to fill out the “Counselor/Administrative Meeting Request Form”. Your counselor will call you out from the class during your selected period. Please choose your period wisely, because you are held accountable for instruction time, assignments, or tests/quizzes you have missed.
    • For a matter that needs to be addressed immediately, a student is always welcome to drop by to see their counselor at any time. This is only for students who need instant attention. Please check in with your teacher before going to see your counselor if you will be missing instruction time, assignments, or tests/quizzes.




  • If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s current grade, please contact the teacher through their information on the Staff Directory. You can also monitor their grades and attendance on HomeLink
  • If you have a general counseling questions, would like to schedule an appointment or need further assistance please contact your designated academic counselor.

NHS Academic Counseling Department

The academic counseling offices are located in the library. Counseling office hours are: 7:55am – 3:05PM on regular school days.


Naseem Saremi                       Student Last Names: A-G                               Ext: 3539

Kristen Bligh                            Student Last Names: H-O                                      Ext: 3526

Mandy Kaur                             Student Last Names: P-Z                                     Ext:  3546