Hey Parents,

This page is dedicated to helping students locate opportunities to continue their social/academic and personal development in working environments during their summer.

  1. CCEP STEM Summer Series
  2. Student Swim Instructors

Students can explore a full range of careers over summer, strengthen their work readiness competencies, earn college credit and/or stipends, meet new people and have a lot of fun!

Here are the opportunities:

  1. BioTech Summer Camp, June 18-22 @ CSU-EB Concord Campus
  2. Solar Energy Academy, July 9-13 @ CSU-EB Concord Campus–earn $150 stipend upon completion
  3. Environmental Engineering Summer Camp, July 30-August 3–earn college credit (if students have a CCC Student ID, that works for this camp! If not, you may need to help students apply for a college student ID.)

To apply, please go to https://www.ccpartnership.org/summer-camps

Student Swim Instructors

  • Student Swim Instructors

Big arm swimmers are in need of awesome swim instructors. Apply to big arm swimmers https://form23.typeform.com/to/IoDMbg





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